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Thanks to the long experience gained working with customers, WSS Italia has internally developed a series of software tools able to respond in a simple but effective way to some recurring problems for those using the IBM i platform (Aka AS400 / iSeries /System I).


Find the right solution and start now to optimize your system!

i5Guardian is the solution to control and manage malfunctions or system downtimes. It allows checking the status, alerting the contact person by e-mail, SNMP and SMS and sending an automatic reply.

Audit4i is the solution for tracing accesses. Audit will solve the tracking of system sensitive commands (Delete, Change, Auth …) providing detailed information about the command performed.

SaveOnNas is the solution for saving objects and files on the network. Allows full recovery of user libraries by exploiting 100% the possibilities offered by OS / 400 for saves on * SAVF and allows you to make quick restores without loading tapes.

iDR is the solution dedicated to the Intelligent Data Replication: the fundamental data of the your Business are replicated in real time on another IBM i. Its features are fully integrated with the IBM Remote Journal.